Elim Portadown

Elim Portadown

It is proposed that the existing Elim Portadown church and outreach centre will be relocated from the site at Clonavon Avenue to a new purpose built facility at Watson Street.

The overall capital expenditure of the new scheme is approximately £4m.

SW Consultancy Input
To consider this development proposal we worked closely with HPA Architecture LTD. As part of our brief we assessed existing on-street and off-street car parking demand at the existing site to ascertain trip movement at Watson Street and to extrapolate new trips for the larger site at Watson Street.

The proposal will be purpose built and will meet the future needs of a larger Church.  Our assessment of future demand was based on primary data analysis.  An assessment of car parking was also undertaken to identify off-street and on-street car parking demand at the existing site to determine the off-street requirements of the new car park.

In line with guidance consideration was given to multi-modal demand at the new premises. This proposal has been submitted to Transport NI as part of the planning process.